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Akshay Gadre
Ph.D student @ Carnegie Mellon University Computer Scientist, Engineer and Researcher
Last updated: 14th Nov 2021
Hi, I am Akshay Gadre, a fifth year Ph.D student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University working at WiTech Lab with Prof. Swarun Kumar.
The goal of my research is to empower the low-power IoT sensors deployed on earth and space by enabling better connectivity, sensing capability and scalability. My projects develop novel wireless physical layer solutions and phase-synchronization architectures for city-wide low-power wide area network infrastructure to improve the range, battery life and throughput of these power-starved IoT clients, further enabling important applications at scale such as forest fire detection and real-time satellite monitoring.

I will join as Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Washington in Fall 2022!
I am looking for hardworking and persevering Ph.D students to join me in solving real world problems using wireless solutions!

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